Gathering Machine

Full Automated line for Books production.
Full Automated line for Books production.

Gathering machine for signature book collecting. Modules of two or three feeders and can be extended anytime. Manual point of introduction for additional signature with aoutomatic detection of copies. Double and missing control by digital sensors. Automatic function to collect first and last book with syncronized feeding from feeders. This machine can be matched to Risetec Binders of to other brand binders of lines of sewing machine.

Technical Data

Min book size (A x B) 150 x 110 mm
Max book size (A x B) 450 x 320 mm
Min signature Thickness (C) 3 mm
Max signature Thickness (C) 60 mm
Max mechanical speed up to 6.000 c/h
Power installed 20A – 400 V+N+T
Air compressed 6 Bar - 220 l/min